Transfer Point Beta Glucan 60 veg caps 500mg
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Transfer Point Beta Glucan 60 veg caps 500mg Summary

Transfer Point Beta Glucan 60 veg caps 500mg

Beta 1 3D Glucan 60 caps 500mg

Beta-1, 3D Glucan boosts the immune system to provide support and balance. It is unlike other immune supplements that simply stimulate or alter the immune response in unnatural ways. Over 50 years of research from prestigious universities around the world document the benefits of Beta-1,3D Glucan.


Transfer Point is the only company that offers a Beta glucan with a minimum of 83% Beta-1,3D Glucan content, with no harmful contaminants. Every batch is independently tested and a Certificate of Analysis is provided and available upon request.

Transfer Point Beta Glucan has the highest proven immunological benefits and Active 1,3/1,6 Linkage:


Research proves that purity matters when it comes to biological activity. No other Beta glucan can match the effectiveness that has made Transfer Points Beta Glucan the respected name in immune support.

Why do we only carry Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan?

We only carry Transfer Point's Beta-1,3D Glucan. Transfer Point continuously delivers some of the world's best supplements at an affordable price; their company manufactures a Biologically Active, Highly Purified, form of Beta Glucan. Transfer Point prides themselves on potency; they are the only producer of a minimum 83% pure Beta-1, 3D Glucan Capsule. This highly potent compound is scientifically proven to maintain and support a Healthy Immune System.

Transfer Point's standards stem from the creator of their dietary supplement, A.J. Lanigan. A.J. is responsible for the aptitude of Transfer Point's active ingredient, Glucan 300®. This essential element outperforms top competitors 16 to 1. In essence, one would have to consume 16 capsules of another brand's Beta Glucan to achieve the same level of effectiveness as 1 capsule of Transfer Point's unparalleled supplement.

The average immune system baseline response is around 30%. As an example, an 800 mg dose of the best; Competitor Beta Glucan supplements yield an immune response level of 49.2%. Comparably, the same dosage of Glucan 300 would generate a response of 60.9%. Even Transfer Point's lower dosage 100 mg Capsule outperforms 800 mg of any competitor's product.

No other Beta Glucan can match the effectiveness that has made Transfer Point's Glucan 300 the respected name in immune support. Due to Lanigan's utter devotion to his consumers, over 90% of the Beta-1, 3D Glucan he manufactures is discarded due to impurities. Accordingly, the competition then buys the discards at a discounted rate, bottling it as a "more affordable product". Therefore, if the label on your product does not read Glucan 300 then you are not getting the same, or an even similar, quality as Transfer Point. 

With such high benchmarks, it is evident why leading university researchers and authors such as Bill Henderson, Ty Bollinger, Webster Kehr, and more all recognize Transfer Point as the superior brand of Beta Glucans.

View the Beta Glucan and the Immune System Video:


Wythevile, Va

"Well folks, due to regulations placed on these fine folks my original review on this product had to be scrapped because the truth is this stuff is nothing short of a miracle. It is all they say it is and possibly more. I will probably take it for life. It's that good. Pricey but I figure that my life is worth $2.33 per day.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 capsules

Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving

Beta-1,3D Glucan Complex

1000 mg

Residues of Carbohydrate (Typical analysis)


Terminal glucose


1,3-linked glucose


1,6-linked glucose


2,3-linked glucose


3,6-linked glucose


Other ingredients: vegetable derived stearic acid.

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I feel like the Beta Glucan has helped keep my immunity
"I feel like the Beta Glucan has helped keep my immunity up while I have been going through Chemo. My oncologist even mentioned that they were studying the Beta Glucan for that purpose. I have had 2 treatments and my white blood count hasn't gone too low."
I feel like the Beta Glucan has helped keep my immunity
"I feel like the Beta Glucan has helped keep my immunity up while I have been going through Chemo. My oncologist even mentioned that they were studying the Beta Glucan for that purpose. I have had 2 treatments and my white blood count hasn't gone too low."
Taking for 8 months
"I have been taking Transfer Point Beta Glucan as an immuno-modulator for 8 months now. 2 things have occurred which are noteworthy. I have always been very sensitive to ANY medication and if there is a side effect to be had, I had it. In early 2013, I was suffering from a hyperthyroid condition and was prescribed Methiazmazole. The medication caused a rash. It was important that I tolerate the prescribed medications so I decided to give BetaGlucan a chance in hopes that it would support my immune system enough so as to help me tolerate the drug. Almost immediately, I noticed that the negative side effects from the Methiamazole disappeared and I was able to take the thyroid medicine without further problems - a first for me with me with ANY medication. More recently, I became aware of the fact that this is the first year since I can remember that I have come through the Fall of the year and started into the New Year without having come down with one or two serious colds or the flu. Not all Beta Glucans are the same. This is an outstanding product...mild on the stomach and so easy to take. You will love the staff at Better Way Health - truly knowledgeable and caring. Partner with them for your health - you will be glad you did"
Top Notch Product
Vaclav Vetvicka (University of Louisville - Pathology) has done more comprehensive and thorough research on Beta Glucans than perhaps any single scientist. This company performed the best in his field of products. Beta Glucans induce a Th1 mediated immune response (via receptors Dectin-1, Lac-Cer and CR3). Th1 immune response is responsible for fighting pathogens and cancer etc. Allergies, trauma to to the body (injuries, burns, surgery) all induce a shift to a Th2 response. The GREATER the trauma (and the greater the amount of surgery-induced healing needs)or the greater the allergic reaction, the greater the shift to a Th2 mediated response. This is why infections are so prevalent after a trauma or surgery. Your body has shifted to Th2 and THAT is what opens the body to infection. Taking Beta Glucans will shift you back to a Th1 response to help ward off pathogens or alleviate allergic reactions. Combine this with Resveratrol and Vit C and the biological response modification is even greater than with the Beta's alone.
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