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MitoQ 5mg 60 Capsules Free Priority Ship

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MitoQ is a ground-breaking product which supports youthful energy levels and can reduce the free radical damage which contributes to many of the symptoms of aging and various health problems.  With it's unique action, MitoQ supports the health of the trillions of cells in your body like nothing else can.

Discovered at the University of Otago, New Zealand, MitoQ is a NEW third generation CoQ10 that targets the energy generating organelles in your cells – your mitochondria. MitoQ is considered a significant advance in antioxidant technology designed to improve mitochondrial function to deliver health-giving energy to your cells and organs, and, to slow the aging process.

How can MitoQ benefit you?

MitoQ protects your cells from damaging free radicals ensuring they stay healthy and full of energy. MitoQ is absorbed throughout your body, recharging your cells from head to toe. Taken daily in combination with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, MitoQ can have the following benefits:

Reduces the free radical damage which can lead to the visible and internal signs of aging
Supports youthful levels of cellular energy which supports healthy cell growth and repair
Supports heart and circulatory function, including normal blood pressure
Supports brain health and cognitive function including focus and mental clarity
Supports kidney, liver and digestive system health
Supports normal immune system responses and function
 Supports the health of your muscles, joints and skin 

1. MitoQ is water soluble and has excellent absorption with high bioavailability. CoQ10 is not water soluble and has low bioavailability.
2. MitoQ doesn't need to be taken with food unlike CoQ10.
3. MitoQ very quickly reaches peak concentrations in the body, unlike CoQ10.
4. Almost all of MitoQ is rapidly and extensively taken up into your mitochondria by an active process, unlike CoQ10 where less than 5% actually penetrates the mitochondria.
5. MitoQ requires very small doses due to excellent absorption and bioavailability (10mg) cf. CoQ10 requires up to1000mg 
6. MitoQ is an effective antioxidant due to superior absorption and rapid recycling back to active form.
7. MitoQ has widespread and efficient uptake by the body signaling significant potential in improving human health!

How does MitoQ work?

Inside each of our cells are huge numbers of tiny, energy-producing power plants called “mitochondria”. Mitochondria convert the food we eat and the air we breathe into the energy that powers our cells, and in turn, us. When mitochondria produce this energy, they also produce damaging by-products known as free radicals. Luckily our mitochondria and cells are packed with antioxidants which can neutralize free radicals before they can do too much damage. However, as we age, or when we are unwell, our antioxidant supply diminishes and the free radicals start to take an ever-increasing toll on our cells.

MitoQ is a true breakthrough as it is the only antioxidant which can effectively target and recharge our own cellular batteries, mitochondria. MitoQ neutralizes harmful free radicals at the source before they get the chance to get out and damage our cells. This means our cells can get on with their job of producing all the energy we need to keep us healthy and active.

Supplement Facts:
Adult dose: 2 capsules each morning on an empty stomach.
Adult advanced dose: 4 capsules each morning on an empty stomach.

Active ingredient per dose (2 capsules): Mitoquinol mesylate equivalent to 10mg mitoquinol.

Also contains: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Tapioca.

MitoQ contains no animal products or gluten.


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Customer Reviews
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This has been a savior to me
This has been a savior to me as I have bad fatigue and mental clarity from Multiple Sclerosis. Please note that this is not a miracle drug as the one thing that will make you feel amazing as our bodies are complex and have a lot of things going on when we have autoimmune dysfunction. That being said, this product is my non negotiable daily as it makes such a difference. I take 4 or 5 in the am as that is the dosage for me but consult your own practitioner for your own dosage. Everyone is different and we all need to find our tools to wellness.
The Best of what ails ya
This product- MitoQ has patented technology....and it shows! I have late stage chronic Lyme and this stuff works to increase energy and an overall good feeling. I can definitely tell when I let myself run out of it. It's pricey, but IMHO nothing compares. I keep coming back over and over for more!! Worth every penny :)
Mitoq does what it claims
I have found that this product does what it claims. As an eighty-five year old I've been taking MitoQ since the product was released. The most noticeable change an observer might note is that I awake alert at six and am still happily pottering around after ten at night, an additional two to three active hours a day. Whereas before I tended to a sedentary life, content with a book in hand, I am now more active which goes very nicely with a greater sense of well being. I'd recommend it to anyone who feels any lethargy and tiredness that might be a result of advancing years. Patrick
Works Quite well
I have been chronically ill my whole life (31 years old) so this past year I learned a lot of genetics and biochemistry. I basically fixed almost everything wrong with me and function nearly normally, but I was still having issues with energy. MitoQ changed all that AND seemed to improve my liver, heart, and immune function as well. The effect was noticeable from the first day and just scaled up more with use, to the point where I did not feel I had energy issues at ALL anymore. It's amazing. The day I ran out, I got quite sleepy. I'm glad I have more on the way.
Helped with my Friend's Fibro related fatique
t took nearly the whole month before i felt a change but one day i realized i was cleaning after work instead of sleeping! Each day i go home and can do a little more than I could before the MITOQ. It has made a big difference! Thank you MITOQ folks!
I work to the early hours
I work to the early hours of the morning 5 days a week, i always wake up feeling unhealthy, tired,my skin never looked good, i just never had much energy in the morning.I had read many times about mitoQ but it was quite expensive . I finally got around to buying them. i took the two a day and after 1 week even with just 5-6 hours sleep a day i was waking up feeling energized , healthy , awake and my skin looked much better, also the sun spots i had on my face faded after 3 weeks . I even got my sister on them. I will most definitely be purchasing some more.
noticed a difference in my energy level on the first day! Love this product and continue to use daily.
Very Surprised
By way of background, I have no daily energy concerns, and I combined MitoQ with NAD+. On day 1, my top end performance in the gym jumped 20%! I simply can't recommend it enough, as an adjunctive to energy, no, performance restorative. I'm almost concerned what the next few weeks will bring.
Battling Fatigue
I've been taking MitoQ for over a month now and having battled with fatigue for 9 months (and previously for over a year) I can happily say that I've more energy and the brain fog has lifted. I know that it's early days but I'm convinced that it's made a huge difference. Thank you so much to the scientists who have made this possible. I just hope that the trials can continue successfully and that we can soon get the product in the UK. If anyone is suffering from fatigue I would recommend this. It might not work for everyone but I'm convinced that it has given me the energy to start building up my strength and I believe that I can now get my health back. I'm now suggesting that my husband also takes it as he's always tired. If he does I'll re-post with the outcome.
We like MitoQ
We like the product and definitely notice an increase in energy, BUT the high price attracts a Customs Charge in the UK - which makes the product v. expensive. Pity.
Significant increase in energy
Since taking MitoQ I have noticed a significant increase in energy. I don't feel so tired after running and am able to manage on less sleep. My brain feels sharper and I have a general feeling of wellbeing.
4 weeks on MitoQ
Have been taking for about 4 weeks - can not believe the difference in energy, sleeping better, and handling stress better. Also improves your mental frame of mind. Highly recommend, and just started my parents on it. Well done, and you have a long term customer.
Signigicant increase in energy
I have been taking two capsules each day for almost a week now and have noticed a significant increase in energy. Fatigue is something I battle daily, some days are so overwhelming I can barely move. Since I started taking Mitoq I have noticed I have more energy and significantly less fatigue! The one day I didn't take Mitoq was the one day the fatigue kicked my butt. I am a firm believer of Mitoq and will recommend this to others I know who suffer from fatigue. I have a journal tracking my symptoms and improvements, I will continue to update and review this product! What an exciting breakthrough product! Thank you Mitoq
6th day on MitoQ
I am on my 6th day of MitoQ! I know you have had some people who've had negative comments on your information about MitoQ. Please add me to the list of MSers who actually bought the product and have tried it. I have had SO much ore energy. The first day, I was sort of hesitant to think that I could feel better, but I did. As the days progressed this week, I had more energy and clarity at work (which I need as a 6th grade English teacher), and I have had a weekend like I haven't had in a very long time. More energy and no MS fogginess are the obvious improvements for me in just 6 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this info with all of us. The shipping wasn't bad at all either. I got the package in a timely manner, so I was able to begin it soon after I ordered it. The 3 month supply special they have going on right now is awesome. I'm about to order more, since I gave one of my bottles to my brother who also has MS. I hope this becomes available in the U.S. However, I will order it from New Zealand for as long as I have to. Again, thank you and please feel free to share my positive experience. I know I haven't been on it long, but my family and coworkers can see the obvious difference, and I certainly can feel it!
It brings me great pleasure to send this email to you. I suffer from PPMS and although I wasn't lucky enough to win the draw, I had decided to order the 5mg dosage of MitoQ at the time of entering. I want to rename it 'the miracle drug'. I want to thank you for bringing this supplement to my attention. My 'brain fog' has lifted, fatigue is a thing of the past. My tremors have all but disappeared and I feel vibrant about living my life again. I still work and was at the end of my tether with fatigue. I felt that work was all I had the energy for but hey...not now, I am ready to take on the world again. I really hope anyone who tries it feels as good as I do right now. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.
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