BioSuperFood F3 Micro Algae 180 caps
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BioSuperFood F3 Micro Algae 180 caps Summary

BioSuperFood F3 Micro Algae 180 caps

BIOSUPERFOOD is the ultimate addition to ANY body's diet! This exclusive blend of bio-algae concentrates (BAC) was formulated in the 1970s after more than a decade of research with over a million animals, in a non-profit environment. With over 5,000 nutrients, BAC contains:

High-quality protein with ALL essential amino acids
ALL vitamins, including B12
Over 92 trace elements and minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iron, zinc and more
Mixed carotenoids alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, quercitin and more
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Omega-3, Omega-6, GLA and more
Thousands of enzymes to facilitate the assimilation and utilization of nutrients from food
Nucleic acids needed for effective tissue growth & repair
Chlorophyll, with its central magnesium ion, plays a significant role in calcium digestion and absorption

Advanced Support

BSF formula F3 offers advanced nutritional support for the immune system and increased vitality for healthy aging; it is also recommended as a replacement for some supplements and vitamins and as advanced nutritional support for athletes.


Benefits studied on Animals per the following link

All the benefits from Formulas F1 and F2 plus*
More antioxidants may offer advanced protection and prevention*
Antioxidant may play a role in reduced inflammation and faster recovery time*
Support to a more natural long-lasting energy boost*
May have benefits for increased recuperation and regeneration*
Antioxidants offer a powerful immune system support*
Increase calcium absorption and retention preventing osteoporosis
Balance hormones
Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
Enhance growth and tissue repair


BioAge, BioSuperfood, BioPreparation, Bio-Algae Concentrates The difference in the formulas

All of the formulas—F1 BASE, F2 CORE, and F3 FORTE—have the same four ingredients: four species of microalgae. The difference lies in the proportion of the red algae species vs. the blue-green algae (spirulina). There is a higher ration of red algae in each subsequently higher number formula. The red algae have most of the carotenoids: astaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc. – the antioxidant power that brings about this “fuel efficiency”.

How to take BioAge, BioSuperFood, BioPreparation, Bio-Algae Concentrates

Healthy adults generally get the most benefits from a daily intake of anywhere from 3-8 capsules, taken one at a time at regular intervals throughout the day and always with at least 1/2 glass of water. Anyone with acute or chronic health issues or for those concerned with radiation exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning or other issues may want to consume 8-12 capsules per day for optimum results.

Start off with just 1 or 2 capsules/day for the first 5-10 days, then increase gradually to the optimum intake level for YOUR body. Remember that every body is different, and if you have high blood pressure, thyroid issues, cardiac or other possibly fragile health issues, take an even slower approach, beginning with F2 CORE, and perhaps just a half-capsule at a time. Let your body be your guide! This allows your body to adjust gradually to the increased nutrients and energy. Feel free to contact us for more specific recommendations for you and/or your pet.

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My name is Todd Page and I am a top rated natural bodybuilder and trainer. The first time I took BioSuperfood, I felt the difference right away. I am very sensitive to my metabolism and notice any deviations from my form. I have tried many products over the years, but BioSuperfood tops them all. With BioSuperfood, I experience energy support throughout the day. As I am preparing for contests, I feel a big difference in my workouts, stamina, endurance, post workout recovery and reduced muscle and body pains.
I could feel the effects almost instantly!
I could feel the effects of Biosuperfoods almost instantly! As a medical intuitive my body is very vocal when it likes something and it loves BioSuperfoods. Before I started F2 I was eating a lot of different foods and taking supplements and I still felt hungry. I knew my body wasn't getting what was required to support it or wasn't absorbing it. After my first two capsules of F2 Biosuperfoods this hunger entirely went. My body felt so satisfied. My naturopath recently commented on how vital my cells were looking! I have been taking the algae blend now for nearly three months. I've had two bottles of F2 and am nearly finished an F3. The difference is remarkable. I no longer snack, I'm actually just not hungry and am even having smaller meals. If I feel like fatty or sugary food I realise I haven't had my capsules and soon after I take them the craving goes away. I have reduced my supplement intake as the BioSuperfoods are giving me nearly everything my body requires in one, including trace minerals that were once a very expensive addition to my health regime. The high bioavailability of the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants mean I'm also saving money. I have more energy, more clarity, healthier skin and am calmer. Another surprising result is that I'm a lot less reactive to EMFs. This sensitivity has been an issue for me for a long while so I'm really extra appreciative of BioSuperfoods and the gift they are for my body. I'm happy to recommend them also to my friends, colleagues and clients.
Today at my Yoga class, the Pharmanex team was testing people with their Bioscan antioxidant laser device. I scored 41,277 for the presence of carotenoid antioxidants in my body that puts me in the top 1% of the world population for Optimal Protection. What a great feeling of security. I have been taking 1 to 3 capsules of Bio-Algae Concentrates for about 19 months. P.S. My husband scored 46,294 and he takes 3 to 9 capsules per day.
Biophotonic Powerhouses Dear Professor Kiriac, I have been impressed with the story of your life and fascinated by your passion and dedication to human health; real vibrant health independently of social and economic pressures Usually around here, I m the one they call Mr. Algae! It is true that for the last 12 years, I have also been passionate about these precious algae, about a certain vision of health and nutrition and specially about micronutrition. When I read your documentation, I had the feeling of having found a soul mate, someone with whom to share this battle for life. Though my path has been less academic and thorough than yours, like you, I really believe that these products can save humanity and I look forward to meeting you soon. The reason I waited to contact you was that I had doubts about the vitality of your algae since you use bioreactors in the process. To this date, all spirulina that I have tested have been low on that level though their nutrient content corresponded to their scientific analysis. But none of them reached a sufficient white light and vitality level to efficiently sustain human health. Even the high grade products contained in Miron glass provided with strong scientific documentation only managed to lower general vitality of the subjects tested while with good bioavailability of the vitamins, the pigments, the minerals, etc. And so, I had come to judge all algae negatively. A recent radionic analysis of your products has led me to reconsider my restricted views about algae. The level of white light and vitality of your products are absolutely incredible. They are real biophotonic powerhouses! Bravo and thank you, dear Professor. May your invention obtain its well deserved success everywhere on our old planet. Spassiba!
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