Oxygen Super Charger Stabalized Oxygen Drops
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Oxygen Super Charger Stabalized Oxygen Drops Summary

Oxygen Super Charger Stabalized Oxygen Drops

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Activated Stabilized Oxygen Explained

OxygenSuperCharger™ Activated Stabilized Oxygen (ASO®) contains high levels of dissolved oxygen in a saline base. It is highly stable with a long shelf life. While oxygen is normally thought of as a gas, it is part of the liquid in water. Water is made up of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen arranged as molecules of H2O. Activated Stabilized Oxygen ASO® is created through a special proprietary process from water itself. Although the scientific explanation of the process is enough to confound a chemist, we will explain the basics later in this presentation.

Prior to the creation of ASO®, or Activated Stabilized Oxygen, the common stabilized oxygen products used for natural health were made with the "old technology" which creates a very stable molecule but has several drawbacks. They are chlorine dioxide based, or the oxygen molecule is bonded to a chemical salt. The pH of these products is very alkaline making them potentially toxic and caustic. There are a number of these products still on the market today, some as high as 13.7 on the pH range! Some people even take food grade hydrogen peroxide in an attempt to oxidize their system which is both toxic and can be very unpleasant to take.

Our new breakthrough ASO® technology creates a liquid containing stable oxygen molecules (O2) bonded together to form high concentrations of the very stable O4 molecule. This molecule, called Polyatomic Tetraoxygen, is twice the size (or mass) of O2. The stability of the O4 in ASO® is believed to be explained by:

  1. the increase in molecule mass,
  2. how the O4 electrons spin, and
  3. how the electrons are shared between atoms.

Unlike the old technology our ASO® uses no chlorine dioxide and the oxygen is bio-available and not bonded to a chemical salt. It contains no hydrogen peroxide. And our pH is only slightly positive (around 7.4), completely within the safe range. And... ASO® is pleasant to take as well!

ASO® is designed to be taken orally and is bio-available. The oxygen molecules in ASO® may be absorbed into the blood plasma either through the digestive tract or sublingually (under the tongue). The bio-available oxygen may then be available to the red blood cells (hemoglobin) and may increase the amount of available dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma. This additional oxygen may be used by the cells for normal cellular metabolism. ASO® is manufactured and distributed as a dietary supplement and not as a prescription, nor as a medical drug. The sole active ingredient in ASO® is dissolved oxygen molecules in a saline (NaCl) water medium and includes a variety of trace minerals.

ASO® is manufactured in an F.D.A. approved GMP laboratory designated for the manufacturing of dietary supplements. The actual process is a proprietary one that cost over a million dollars to develop. To briefly explain, the process involves the disassociation of oxygen molecules from water molecules in an electrolytic bath containing a mixture of purified water and sodium chloride (sea salt). A regulated current is then applied to two proprietary composite metal electrodes. This releases the hydrogen gas and the oxygen molecules are stabilized in the electrolyte solution. At the end of the process, large carbon filters are used to remove most of the sea salt. The minerals and trace minerals that remain are those from the sea salt. What makes ASO®unique is that neither chlorine dioxide nor peroxide molecules are formed, keeping the pH of the final solution in a safe range and compatible with the human body. Yet, sufficient oxygen remains in solution for an extended period of time to retain its bio-available and biocidal properties.

Our OxygenSuperCharger™ ASO® is the world's premiere stabilized oxygen supplement.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dose is to take 5 to 30 drops, sublingually (under the tongue) up to 3 times a day. We always suggest to start slow at 5 drops 3 times a day, then take 10 drops 3 times a day, and keep going until you get up to the 30 drops 3 times a day.

Our product is 35% oxygen, and oxygen is a detoxifier, meaning it helps the body remove toxins that have built up in the cells. If the body gets a large dose of oxygen, that it is not accustomed to, the body will release toxins from the cells into the bloodstream in order for it to be removed as waste matter (through urine, stool and sweat). In some people, this rush of toxins into the bloodstream has been known to produce temporary headaches, lethargy, and in some cases, “loose stool”, as the body tries to get rid of the toxins. When you start slow, the body still is releasing toxins but gradually so these detox symptoms reactions are not noticeable.

How do I use Oxygen Supercharger?

The recommended way to use OxygenSuperCharger™ is to place drops sublingually, i.e., under the tongue (see the above FAQ for the recommended dosage). You may also put OxygenSuperCharger™ in water and drink it, using the same dosage as above.

NOTE: Our product has actual oxygen in the liquid. Oxygen has a negative electrical charge. Toxins and pathogens have a positive electrical charge. When oxygen comes in contact with an impurity, toxin, etc., they neutralize each other. In other words, the oxygen destroys itself in the act of destroying the impurity. How Oxygen Works Video

Therefore, if you put OxygenSuperCharger™ in anything besides pure water, the oxygen in it will immediately start purifying the liquid. This is why we suggest, if you do put it in water, to drink it as soon as possible so you are able to ingest the most oxygen possible. This is why we do not recommend adding it to anything other than water.

Can larger amounts of Oxygen Supercharger be taken?

For the average person, suggested amounts are usually sufficient. AdditionalOxygenSuperCharger™ can be taken when there is a special need and many people do take larger amounts. An example would be an athlete in competition, or in strenuous training. In those, or similar situations, many take the OxygenSuperCharger™ as needed and in the amounts tailored to their individual body needs and circumstances. People take additional oxygen to increasetheir blood oxygen levels. Those in prime health, such as athletes, take additional oxygen tomaintain high blood oxygen levels.

A “bonus” is that additional oxygen kills pathogens (disease causing organisms) in the system. With diets and lifestyles found in the modern world, we all have pathogens in our system, some more than others. This is why some people actually start with less than suggested amounts of oxygen, and work their way up. If killed off quicker than our bodies can comfortably process, these dead pathogens can give you a feeling of nausea. If that is encountered, it is not caused by the additional oxygen, but by what that oxygen is killing! Drink additional water to help flush your system, and next time back off on the amount of oxygen taken until you find “your” present optimum level. Its a very simple process. Amounts used can, over time, gradually be increased.

What is the shelf life of stabilized liquid oxygen?

The recommended shelf life for our OxygenSuperCharger™ stabilized liquid oxygen is three (3) years. Activated stabilized oxygen stores fine at room temperature, with the cap on tight, and out of direct sunlight.

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