Live O2 from Oxygen Upgrade Kit - EWOT
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Live O2 from Oxygen Upgrade Kit - EWOT Summary

Live O2 from Oxygen Upgrade Kit - EWOT

If you're using your oxygen generator during exercise, this system be added to increase results by over 400%! 

Want reduced inflammation?
How about far more energy for workouts and daily life?
How about faster healing?
Better sleep?
Superior immunity? 

Did you know one 15 min session of LiveO2 may be more effective than a hyperbaric chamber session?

If you already have the oxygen generator, all you need to do is add LiveO2 upgrade kit.

Instead of breathing in a “little” O2 from your generator and blending it with room air, you can now breathe every breath with 93% oxygen no matter how hard you exercise. Thats impossible with your current face mask, nasal cannula or head set. The Nobel Price winning Doctor who discovered the benefits of oxygen therapy, Dr. Warburg paved the way for Dr. Manfred von Ardenne to publish Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Now you can do the same protocol in your home that Von Ardenne did!  

This high volume, low profile advanced EWOT system is purpose-built for high performance and to deliver the ultimate user experience. Made with the most technologically advanced and inert materials available, the reservoir is designed to provide a chemical free, VOC free user experience. The reservoir is manufactured using a specialized two-ply material; the outer layer provides long-term product durability and strength while the inner layer provides an impermeable barrier and is specially manufactured using the highest quality 'food grade' materials. When used according to manufacturers guidelines, this product has a minimum 10-year life expectancy. Most importantly, it's not 'what it is', but rather 'what it does' that sets this advanced EWOT system apart.


  • High volume
  • Low profile
  • Highest possible performance
  • Oxygen Reservoir
  • High Volume Breather Hose
  • High Volume Oxygen Mask
  • Oxygen Concentrator Connector Hose
  • Adhesive Wall Hangers 

There is a widely accepted school of thought that reoxygenation of the body may be the hidden key to healing and sustained health, cellular energy, immune support and detoxification. It is thought that by reoxygenating the body, homeostatic balance may be restored.

Reoxygenating the body by using LiveO2 and LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast may:

  • Reoxygenate Endothelial Tissues and Blood;
  • Counteract Stress and its Harmful Effects;
  • Facilitate Detoxifcation and a Return to Homeostasis;
  • Reestablish Natural Immunity;
  • Maximize Athletic Performance.

We are a proud distributor of these remarkable LiveO2 oxygenation systems.Our personal and our customer's satisfaction speaks volumes for the incredible benefits received.

This product is utilizing in an alternative therapy program.



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From Dr Sirus
LiveO2 is an oxygenation technology that delivers high levels of oxygen to your body at the cellular level. Oxygen provides a completely natural way to maximize your level of wellness both physically and mentally. Moreover, the benefits of oxygen use continue after your session isover. There are more and more doctors championing the Live O2 system. I continue to use it after it literally saved my life two years ago. After pulling me out of a deep whole it is one of the main therapies that slowly, month by month, return me to a more youthful state. Dr. Robert Rowen asks the right question saying, How can any treat ment of poorly oxygenated patient ever be really successful? Don t assume the oxygen transport pathway to cell works if it did your patient probably wouldn t be sick. Oxygenation is always helpful recovering from any disease. Dr. Mariano Palacios adds, Think Oxygen First. Oxygenation is the medically appropriate first step in most treatments because tissue oxygenation is prerequisite for recovery from most conditions. Oxygenation is a prerequisite for healing. Many studies support the common sense view that tissue oxygenation is essential in ischemic and immunological conditions. Oxygenation is my first step in any treatment. Dr. Palacios compares his experience with LiveO2 performance to his 15 years of experience with medical hyperbaric treatment. He discusses equipment and administrative cost, treatment times and generalized results with his patients. Medicare Policy restricts payment for medical hyperbaric therapy to 15 severe indications because the cost, about 10,500 per patient, is prohibitive for most conditions. Live Oxygen is extremely simple. Done in the comfort of your own home or office, Live Oxygen can be used to prevent or address health problems caused by poor oxygen delivery. Increased levels of oxygen provides stunning results in terms of cell health. What is true for hyperbaric treatment (HBOT) is exponentially true for Live Oxygen Therapy. It is also a lot less expensive and much more convenient than HBOT. I have published an E-book about oxygen (and in print) as the ultimate anti-inflammatory. It all started with Dr. Von Ardenne in Europe who discovered that oxygen, when provided at high levels is nothing short of being a wonder drug. Ardenne was a student of Noble Price winner Dr. Otto Warburg, whose discovery in the 1930s revealed the main biochemical cause of cancer, or what differentiates a cancer cell from a normal, healthy cell. Oxygen has always been a lifesaving drug and now doctors and patients can do much more lifesaving because they will be able to give much more oxygen with the Live O2 system, which can be used at home or at the office. If one wants to treat cancer or any other disease with oxygen one needs a doctor. If one wants to treat their inflammation, acid conditions, low levels of oxygen, or purely gain in performance and health one does not need a prescription. Want to feel and be younger? Try increasing your oxygen levels in the blood. Want a better sex life? Do the same. The beauty of the Live Oxygen system is that it combines exercise with oxygen therapy. For cancer patients oxygen is a no brainer because cancer cells greatest vulnerability is oxygen since it is a deficiency of oxygen, which initiates the cancer process. Cancer hates high levels of oxygen. Oxygen makes cancer cells weak and less resistant to treatment. Cancer cells low in oxygen are three times more resistant to radiotherapy. Higher levels of oxygen translates into more cellular energy, more healing energy and more energy to help us perform better in life. Importantly enough when ample oxygen rushes into oxygen deficient cells oxygen is no longer the limiting reagent for detoxification of cellular poisons that have been accumulating.
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