MRET Research

MRET Activated Water
Tests and Research

Antibacterial Effect of MRET Water - Coliforms
This test shows reduction of total amount of coliforms by 86% in rainwater following MRET activation. This test confirms MRET water's sterilization effect. More

Antibacterial Effect of MRET Water on E. Coli
This test shows MRET water inhibits the growth and metabolic activity of Escherichia coli K-12 in an aerobic environment, which allows for applications in the food industry and water purification. This test also shows ingestion of MRET water is beneficial for the process of digestion and can enhance metabolism of the body. . More

Rebounding Effect of MRET Water on White Blood Cell Counts after Chemotherapy
The ingestion of MRET water prevented the decrease of WBC counts to their lowest level and helped to regain the pre-chemotherapy level within unusually short period of time of 3 days. More

Live Blood Cells Analysis of MRET Water Effect on Morphology of Red Blood Cells
This live blood analysis shows that ingestion of MRET water substantially improved the morphology of Red Blood Cells. More

MRET Water and its Succesful Application for Preventive Treatment and Enhanced Tumor Resistance in Oncology
This study conducted on 500 mice showed significant positive effect of MRET activated water regarding the tumor resistance on animals and increased life span. More

MRET Water Effect on Seed Germination and Growth of Plants
This 3-month study shows MRET activated water accelerated the process of seed germination of several plants and enhanced their growth cycle